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This is our warranty that will come personalized with your puppy. 







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We warrant that to the best of our ability and knowledge we have produced a healthy puppy. We have devoted much time, money, and energy to produce the best puppy possible. We follow all currently accepted health practices regarding sanitation, health screenings, de-worming and vaccinations under the advice of our veterinarian. Even with the best breeding programs at times unavoidable defects and problems may occur. Diamond Doodle puppies are sold as companion pets. 

We have a 3 day health warranty. Within that time you must have this puppy seen by a veterinarian of your choice, at your expense.  If the puppy is NOT taken to a vet within the 3 days of receipt of the puppy, this warranty is null and void.  If the puppy is found to be defective we must be notified immediately and we reserve the right for the puppy to be reevaluated by a veterinarian of our choice. If puppy is found to be defective, puppy must be returned within 24 hours. We will not pay for vet care if puppy is not returned.   We do not warranty against normal puppy hood ailments such as roundworms, kennel cough, or coccidiosis, giardia or umbilical hernia as these can at times be unpreventable. We warrant against preexisting, severe, life-threatening or life-shortening diseases or disabilities. We do not cover canine dysautonomia nor luxating patellas. We do not warrant dna panel findings regarding health or breed.   We offer a ONE YEAR (one year from birth) genetic warranty. We do not warrant against any condition caused by carelessness, negligence of abuse.  

Seller agrees to replace the puppy if all of the following circumstances occur and all of the conditions of this condition are met. 

In the event that the puppy is diagnosed with a genetic defect  (severe, life-threatening or life-shortening disease or disability), the buyer must notify the seller within 5 days and provide to the seller, x-rays and/or all reports used to diagnose the puppy.  Puppy must have been seen by 2 licensed veterinarians not affiliated with one another.  Seller’s veterinarian must concur with the diagnosis.  The seller will honor the warranty by replacing the puppy with a puppy of equal value.  The original puppy must be returned within 3 days of decision, with all paperwork as well as a signed statement from the vet on vet’s letterhead stating the date of examination and the alleged health risks before any action will be taken.  The puppy must be returned, at buyer’s expense. 

In the unlikely event of death of the puppy, the buyer must provide proof of death by a necropsy report stating the cause of death by a necropsy report stating the cause of death, along with results to toxicology tests that were performed.  The report MUST have genetic diagnosis in writing to be defective and must be completed by a licensed veterinarian on their letterhead.  We will replace it with the next available comparable puppy of our choice. We do not refund any money. Replacement limited to once. In the event the puppy needs to be euthanized, you must have permission from us prior to euthanization. This warranty is only valid to original buyer on original puppy.

We do not take any responsibility for veterinarian bills or any other expenses incurred after the purchase of the puppy. We are not responsible for damages caused by the puppy. We do not assume liability for any injuries to the puppy after it has passed into your possession. 

We strongly recommend attending a basic obedience class and making sure your puppy is properly socialized. We also recommend keeping the puppy up to date on all vaccinations, de-worming, including heartworm prevention, keeping it on an appropriate diet, and all other usual necessary procedures.

If we micro chip the pup before it leaves you will be responsible for registering the chip to you.   We do not warrant or guarantee anything beyond the initial step of implanting microchip.

We do not guarantee disposition, conformation, size, weight, color, hair texture, markings, teeth placement, training ability or breeding ability. 

In the event of any litigation in connection with this contract, the Seller will be paid reasonable attorney fees by the purchaser . Venue and jurisdiction for litigation arising out of or related to this contract shall lie exclusively in Newton County Missouri.


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