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Visitation Policy

Over the last few years we have decided to change our policy on home visits.  We understand our policy may upset some people, however, through experience this is the best way we can manage our time and peace of mind when it comes to our dogs.   We have decided to not allow strangers into our home, for the sake of privacy and safety, for ourselves, our family and our dogs. This is not just an excuse, because we have something to "hide".  We certainly have heard that before, but in fact we have more to protect.


Puppy diseases are easily spread by even the most casual contact. The best breeders will not allow their puppies to be seen or handled until the puppy has had it's first shot.  This is a very good reason for meeting at another location, as good breeders must do everything in their power to keep their home disease free.  


We are also protecting ourselves from lawsuits. What if someone twists their ankle on our property?  What if someone bumps their head on a tree limb?  This can also be a problem when people insist on bringing a small child or their current dog to see the puppies.  Children have been known to wander around the breeder's home, peering into kitchen cabinets, even attempting to enter bedrooms, basements and garages!  


We do, however, meet all of our customers at a public place.   Customers can see & interact there, with any (up to 2) puppy (ies) that they may be interested in.  We bring the puppy (ies) only, not the adult dogs, as we do not want them exposed to outside germs and then returned to the kennel.  It can also be traumatizing to an adult dog, especially the mother, to meet new people when she is still nursing her puppies.  Mothers can be very overprotective of their young.  Pictures will have to suffice on viewing the parents. We do not allow viewing of the puppies until they are at least 8 weeks of age so they have their vaccinations.


Although some people may not agree with our policy on this issue, we hope they can at least understand our reasons for making this decision. we are VERY protective of our animals when it comes to their health and well being and will not risk their health and safety, nor our own, for any reason.


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