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We never give out our customer's names and phone numbers.  You are welcome to "friend" us on facebook.  Scroll through the pictures we are tagged in.  Chat with their owners.  



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417-317-3647 central time zone



We are a Missouri Licensed Commercial Breeder: #AC-000DSE             MO Dept of Agriculture 573-751-3076

Our vet is Midway Vet Clinic 417-451-7266


You are welcome to call both!


Barb:  We got our Franny fron DD as well ! She is so smart and a real sweetheart 💜 We love her and would go back to DD in a heartbeat ! Thank you DD


Linda:  We have currently 4 goldendoodles from DD. They are all super smart, loving, and so sweet. Perfect place to buy your doodle and colleen is wonderful.


Jamie:  My 5 Year old Whoodle from DD is the same way!! Best eye contact. Smart, easy to train, & eager to please.


Mary:  I had to write to tell u how happy I am with Walter.  I have had many dogs over my lifetime but he is amazing to have and look at!!!!  He gives eye contact, listens, runs to me when called, and learns so quickly.  We have a two year old toy Schnauzer that is stubborn, never comes when called, prefers not to snuggle, and cares less than to please us. Night and day difference. They love each other but everyone knows my favorite. 

He is in great hands and we LOVE HIM!!!


Robin:  Got our mini Goldendoodle from Diamond Doodles. Her name is Daisy and she is 16 months old and as sweet as can be, not to mention adorable!💕


Lynn wrote:   Einstein is a GEM ! He's potty trained, very sweet, extremely smart (sits, lays down & almost knows stay). I couldn't be happier ! He's only 4 months old so he's still in his puppy phase. 


Kimberly wrote:  Brittany is our life. We love her...💜💙💚❤️


Jane wrote:  Dewey,  he is almost 10 and in wonderful shape.  He is without doubt the best dog I have ever had.


Becky wrote:  Love my Whoodle from Diamond Doodles, happiest little dog, loves everyone ♥️


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Donna says:  Our woodle, Abby is smart and a great pet!

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I just wanted to let you know that Mr Grady has settled into his new home. He seems to be having a blast, followed by lots of naps. He has found a buddy in our daughter, E... She loves him, well until he takes her toys or knocks her down playing lol. Thank you for allowing us to have him in our family. He is such a good dog. The vet could not believe how laid back he is. Lol. Also, to your credit, the vet was very impressed by how well taken care of and up to date he was in everything.  Thanks again for raising such a happy and healthy puppy!


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Sarah:  I just wanted to let you know how great Milo has been doing.  He 11week vet visit he was 12.5lbs- more than doubled in three weeks.  The kids (and parents) adore him and he and Sophie are BFFs!  He loves to play outside and go on walks and then drops for a nap in his bed.  He hasn't met a person he doesn't love and assumes everyone wants to pet him.  He is so smart and well mannered.  He knows if he sits he gets all kinds of attention so his butt hits the ground with surprising speed.:) He has learned to sit, come, shake, down, gentle and rollover (we are working on beg). Can you believe it?!  My daughter calls him Professor Milo.    I'm not  wanting to brag, I just wanted to express how happy we are and how happy he is.  Thank you!

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Stephanie:    Love your pups! Our Benny is an absolute delight for our family! He loves the warmer weather and being outside! And he is the most well behaved pup I've ever seen! Thank you again for what you do!

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Hi!  We thought you'd enjoy knowing that Bojo had an excellent night-- hardly made a peep!  He's had a great day playing with Gabriel, toys, our toes (I tend to be barefoot a lot!) and anything in sight!  He pulled a pillowcase out of  a laundry basket and very proudly carried it all over the house!  I'd wish I'd gotten a picture!   The vet saw him and gave him a good report.  He loves Wheatens but had never seen a Whoodle before.  He and his partner think he is adorable.  So all is well with Mr Bojangles!  

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Hello!  I adopted one of your puppies in December and I just wanted to let you know that he's doing great!  He's very smart; already knows speak, sit, come, high five, shake, lay and much more!  He's as energetic as ever and needs a walk everyday!  But he's a great dog and loves to play with my family and our other dog.  Thank you for breeding such a wonderful dog!  Candace

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I just wanted to let you know that we LOVE Magoo.  He is wonderful!  He is calm, already easy to train and EXCELLENT with our children. We are very happy with our choice and your line of puppies.  

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I have attached the warranty for you.  

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His exam was normal.  I did have EyeCare for Animals evaluate his eyes and they were perfect.  I will likely have our Cardiologist evaluate his heart in the near future when I get the chance.  

Thank you so much again!


Brian Lucas Hamm, DVM

Diplomate ACVIM- Internal Medicine Specialist 

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Kim:  Merry Christmas from the Hoffmans! We wanted you to know that Otis is doing well! He loves our other dog and has been a great addition to our family! We love him!

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Stephanie:   We love and are so thankful for our mini Goldendoodle, Benny! He brings so much joy to our family! Thank you Diamond Doodles! Happy Thanksgiving!


ELizabeth:    Hi there Diamond Doodles,
I wanted to just thank you for the gift of Gracie. She is a most extraordinary dog and my other half. While I love her big "sister" Sophie there is something special about Gracie. She and Sophie are best friends - True love between those two. They share everything without a single disagreement.

Gracie has an innate intuitive relationship with us humans. She can truly sense when someone is in distress or not feeling well. She is a certified therapy dog and visits patients at retirement/nursing homes, chemotherapy patients, and currently is conducting "Reading with Gracie" at the local library. Once a week the children read to Gracie and discover the love of reading and books.

She loves hiking in the North Carolina mountains, swimming in the lake and boat rides to get that wind in your hair feeling. She has modeled for my daughters business and is my personal therapy dog who I could not exist without. She loves my pillows!

She is a remarkable dog and she choose me to live with!  Someday I will perhaps be chosen again by one of your wonderful doodles. Thanks again from both Gracie and me. It is a good life for us.


Bob & Pat:  This is Winston. He is one of Boomers boys! Next Monday he will be 3 years old. I am amazed that he is so gentle with the grandbabies. How does he know? Never thought we could love a dog like we do this one. Thanks for a sweet puppy!


 Lauren says:   We would have to agree with the above posts! We have a 1 year old f1b and a ten week old f1b both from Diamond Doodles. They are both joys to have! Peanut our one year old was extremely easy to train and is a cuddle bug. Lola our ten week old is almost house trained (less than one accident/day), sleeps through the night with no crying, is learning sit and loves to play!


Ann Marie:  Our Buddy is 3 months old and has been with us for a little over 3 weeks and we love him so much!! I could say the same as Nancy… he is happy, well adjusted, slept through the night in his crate the second night home! Easily housebroken as well. Thank you Diamonddoodles Puppies for the best puppy ever
NANCY wrote:  She is happy and well-adjusted, pretty well housebroken and calm in her crate, sleeping 
through the night with little disturbance.  She is already a great addition to our home, and
since she is a surprise for our kids who will be home from summer camp this week, will
be welcomed all over again (twice) by them.

Kiko wrote:  Great temperament, smart and sweet! Mini whoodles are the best....


Nancy wrote about her mini whoodle: 

He brings so much life to the family!  He's the perfect size....22lbs now. Will not get much bigger, per vet.  We are in puppy school now, but I was able to train many things at home early on.  Has not had an indoor accident in a very long time.  
He Loved the very snowy winter we had and now getting outdoors for lots of fun and exercise.  The picture was taken on a trail walk.  He also socializes with other dogs, big and small very well.  

Thanks again!


Stephanie wroteLove our Mini Golden Doodle! Coleen is fabulous!


Laura wrote:  I just wanted to touch base and tell you that our sweet Savannah is the best dog ever!!!! We are so glad she's a part of our family!!! 

THANK YOU!!! I'm tempted to get another one ;)


Cela wrote:  We love our Maggie!


Cassandra wrote:  I highly recommend this breeder. We have 1 dog from them and are getting our 2nd tomorrow. Wonderful to deal with and the dogs are awesome!


Staci wrote:  I totally agree. I have two mini-goldendoodles from this breeder and they are amazing. Colleen was fantastic, honest and easy to work with. She even took videos of my pups and sent them out to me. A very good friend of my adopted one of her puppies a year ago and is so happy with him and also had a terrific experience.

Ali wrote:  We love our mini whoodle!


Allison:  We LOVE our Annie girl!!! She has the sweetest personality and smart as a whip!


Casandra wrote: "We love ours too. In fact we are anxiously awaiting the next one." 


Geneane wrote: "We love our dog so much! If I could have more than one i totally would. They are the best dogs ever! Smart, funny, attentive, sweet, name it. These dogs are the best!"



Hello!  I just wanted to let you know that the first weekend with Kori has been wonderful.  She's helping me write this email right now, in fact.  We went to the vet yesterday, and they had compliments about Kori being a healthy pup!

Thank you for all your help and allowing me to have this sweet puppy in my life.




I've been meaning to drop you a note as a reference. Henry, our F1b standard goldendoodle, who is now 2.5, continues to be the absolutely best dog we could ever wish for! He's topped out around 70 lbs and is just a complete joy. My mom, who is not a dog person, is head over heels in love with him and my dad says Henry is one in 100,000! But I know that there are many more of your puppies that are just as lovable and sweet from all the adorable pictures your customers post! Henry is super smart, has never once had an accident in the house after he practically house trained himself by the time he was 10 or 11 weeks old He loves to be around people and very seldomly barks. His best doggie friend is a goldendoodle that lives up the street from us. He goes for a doggy play date almost every afternoon and then waits patiently at the bus stop for my son to get home from school. All the neighbors love his sweet personality and sneak him treats all the time! I cannot thank you enough for breeding such a wonderful dog!




 "His new name is Tucker partly because he plays and plays and then tuckers out.

I've been meaning to post a review for you. My parents said the vet was really pleased with how he looked. She said a few times "you really found a great breeder." She was impressed to see that he was flea and mite free and that he was current on his shots. My parents were happy with the way the carrier was packed and how easy the shipping process was overall.

Tucker has just gotten more and more comfortable in his new home. He loves playing with racquet balls and lots of puppy toys. He likes the golden retriever. They've been around each other, but they haven't played together yet.

My husband and I are planning to buy a house next year, so I am looking forward to also getting a puppy from you after that!"


Echo weighs 32.2 lbs. and is a wonderful dog! The kids at school LOVE him and he is a good puppy. He likes to go for car rides and he is starting to cuddle more each day. He is a little ornery sometimes, but he is quick to learn. He stops and sits at all crosswalks and waits for a command. He immediately reacts if a student is crying and he loves his belly rubbed. Even the kindergarteners pick him up to carry him and he runs laps in the gym with the High Schoolers during Basketball practice. He loves to play frisbee and soccer. His favorite things to do at home is to lean on the back of the couch and watch out the front window.


Valerie:  My two doodles are the world's best dogs!


  "I have at least 5 of your dogs as patients (great dispositions and healthy)........ ........I love all the dogs from your kennel........use me as a reference any time.

James T. Sparks, D.V.M.
Eagle Animal Hospital, Inc.
(816) 741-2345


This is an email I received:
Pup was at his home two months:
He is very smart, we hung bells on the door handle and rang them each time we took him out. In two weeks he was banging the bells by himself when he needed to go out. He hasnt been in his crate since he was 14 weeks of age, and so far sticks to his chew toys and has not chewed anything up yet although he is expected to be not so perfect and I am sure he will grab something one of these days. I was worried about the rain here in Florida but he doesnt mind at all, in fact he loves to be bathed and likes to romp in the rain. A perfect dog!!! You have done a good job with his breeding and just wanted you to know that his mother and father produce a marvelous gentle and smart dog.

Follow up after pup is 8 months old:
Hi Colleen, Jack is doing great. Everywhere we go people ask us what kind of dog he is and where we got him. Even for a GoldenDoodle he is quite unique. I have been directing them to Diamond Doodles. He is truly precious and while shaving him down may be more practical, we gladly remove any mats that form and are enjoying his beautiful coat. Thus far he has not shed at all. He continuous to have a great disposition and our biggest challenge is not to spoil him(too much!).

I will keep you posted as he grows to full adulthood. Regards.

  • la: Sounds exactly like our 15 month old Frankie! He is truly a blessing to our family.
    February 19 at 9:39pm
  • CarolDitto for our Murphy, too!
    February 19 at 9:39pm
  • HeatherDitto for our Tosh and Boris, seriously smart and with temperaments you would never know exist (speaking from exp with my past dogs)!!!!
    February 19 at 9:51pm
  • GretchenDitto for our Sam!
    February 19 at 10:16pm
  • TerrieI agree, my Callie girl is so smart, loves to romp in the snow, play with her toys and is the cutest dog in her neighborhood. Love her dearly.......
    February 19 at 10:26pm
  • Grace:   LOL! I almost thought it was the email I sent to Colleen about our Henry!!! Same thing about ringing the bell to go out and the quick near painless housebreaking!! Henry isn't as in love with baths though!! !
    February 19 at 10:39pm
  • CarolWe trained Murphy to use the bells, too, easy peasey! He is such a sweet nature dog. Except...when he sees a motorcycle, airplane, or the doorbell rings. He goes ballistic. Colleen, I think the flight to Chi-town turned him off to airplanes:) He'll stand in the yard barking at every plane that flies overhead.LOL Can't figure out what it is about motorcycles though. Getting him a seatbelt for our rides in the car was definitely the best idea.
    February 19 at 10:57pm
  • TerrieCollens email could be us telling you about Abbie....Love this sweet adorable personality more than you will ever know. I Love how she talkes to us to get our attention which works everytime. We are leaving on vacation in few weeks....going to miss Abbie and Kaiah terribly. Thanks for helping to complete our family, Kaiah (our German Shepherd) and Abbie are joined at the hip. The good thing, only one sheds and its not Abbie :o)
    February 19 at 11:13pm
  • Lydia: Same for Lola! She is so sweet & just perfect.
    February 20 at 8:01am
    Gretchen: your post.....Sam is beautiful and draws attention everywhere we go......we always tell people about Diamonddoodles Puppies Goldendoodles Whoodles. We likewise do not "shave" him but instead love his beautiful long coat and just take him to be bathed and brushed once a month. And, like Terri Schmit above.....Sam is very vocal and actually has different barks, and other noises for different things......we usually know if it's food, outside, snacks, or a toy caught under the sofa just by his "talk". He begins his obedience classes this week and I know he will be the hit of the class.....not only in looks but because he is so smart (and funny)! Can you tell we love him?
  • February 20 at 9:34am
  • Dollie:  Colleen..we still are in love with our "Oliver " from you..he also took to the bells on the door for training.. Thanks cuz..he is the best & you are too


Maya is the happiest and healthiest little puppy and she has an amazing temperament. We would definitely recommend you to anyone!


Mihaela:  I have a whoodle from the same breeder.... Wonderful and smart puppies! Great job to diamond doodles !


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